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Who Am I?

A servant of God...There is no greater purpose in life than to serve Jesus.

I was inspired by God to establish "The Spirit Without Limit" ministry in 2007. I embarked on a journey to get closer to Jesus Christ and the Heavenly Father...God Almighty. I received my calling from God: "Go out and find my lost sheep, bring them back to me". I heard the message, and I obey the command each and every day of my life, from that moment forward.

In late 2007 I registered to take an on-line theology course provided by Saint James College, an affiliate of the Love Church based in Sebring, Florida, which upon my successful completion, ordained me as a "Member of the Clergy.

I understand that once I was lost. And now? I have been found by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am hungry not only to nourish my own heart with the food that matters most "the Word of God", but also to share that food with all lost souls seeking a redeemed life in the presence of the one and only - Almighty God - I AM.

In Early 2013 I met my Brother Craig Osborne, who has agreed to join this ministry, and together, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, a new and exciting mission has been born. As we seek the Lord together, we vision a great calling for our region in Easton, PA.

Rev. Mario Martinez

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